Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UPDATE: Second Wind #2

We're two days into Second Wind #2. The Israeli high school kids are here from Ariel, Israel as well as 300-some other kids. It's going to be a good two weeks. I can feel it. Last week was so slow and laid back (it was a Father-Daughter week). It felt like we did no work, and somehow had a video at the end of the week. The next two weeks will be the complete opposite of that. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Speaking of Israel, I am seriously considering going over there at the turn of the year with the Ranch. So, your prayers about that are much appreciated as well. I need to have $250 non-refundable deposit in by August 1st, and the trip is filling up. The problem-- I don't really have that much that I can deposit at the moment. Greg and I are going to talk with the Ranch about going over there and making a new Israel video for them, and if we do, we're hoping they'll pay our way. Who knows? We'll see. For now, it's Second Wind time.


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