Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Much has happened since my last life update. But I am not going to take the time to fill what few readers I may have in on everything that has happened. If you read my last life update post, you'll remember (or won't since it' s been almost 2 months) that I mentioned my grandfather was preparing to pass on. Well, he did shortly after I wrote about it. I flew back for his funeral. Despite the not-so-great circumstances, I had a wonderful time with family that I don't get to see often. Thanks for your prayers.

So what's on my mind now? Too much to write about, but I will say that I am in a weird, unmotivated mindset. I have some great travel/work opportunities coming up in the spring, but nothing major between now and when I go home for Christmas. I feel as though I'm in a state of just plan old survival. It's like I've let my mind go because all I can think about is getting home for Christmas. I've been picking up some random jobs here and there which has been a blessing, but I feel as though that is all that is ahead of me until I go home. When I work, I don't feel like this, and that's nice, but I typically have a few days off in between work, and that's when I feel tired and unmotivated. I'd give just about anything for it to be Christmas now, and for the new year to start.

Why do I want to get home for Christmas so bad? Well, for one, there's a certain girl I want to see, and two, I'm ready to start a new year. It's as if I've given up on 2009. Wow. That's sad. Now, the proactive, reasonable side of me says, "Get your ass in line, Andy. There's so much left to do in 2009." I'm more inclined to follow the voice of reason. There really is so much left for me to do here in L.A. in '09: I have more random jobs that lie ahead of me. I have people to meet. I have a script to work on. I have songs to finish writing.

(Despite all that "given up on 2009" crap, the girl is definitely the main reason I want to go home. Just being honest.)

Ah yes. I love processing in writing for you all to read. Anyway, all of that just to let you know where I'm at in life currently. There's so much more, but don't have the motivation to write about it all ;)