Friday, June 5, 2009

So far at the Ranch...

I have been having a blast! I've really been connecting with other staff. I see some good friendships forming out of this summer. The video boys are all awesome. Two of them have not had much experience but they are excited to learn and seem to catch on pretty well to what we're doing. The other one has had a fair amount of experience, and for him it's just a matter of learning the Ranch system of things. All in all, it's a great group of guys, and we're going to make good videos this summer.
As for the more serious side of things, the Lord has really been breaking me down, and stripping me down to my true being. He's healed wounds from the past that I had no idea were affecting me in a negative way like they were. I've gained a lot of freedom just by renouncing lies that I've believed about myself-- thinking I was too weak, that being sensitive was bad, that I wasn't good enough, that I wasn't good-looking, that I wasn't smart enough, etc. The Lord is showing me, who I truly am-- who He created me to be. I am a warrior with a tender heart. I have the heart of King David. I'm a worshipper and a warrior. A picture I got was of me as a lamb, and I look all innocent and helpless until I open my mouth and roar like a lion. I'm beginning to see that He has plans to use me and my heart of worship to reach people wherever He may take me (around the world I hope ;) ). So, a lot has changed within me, and is still changing even over two week's time. I can't imagine what He has planned for the rest of the summer. 
There is so much freedom in the Lord! When I was younger, I began to believe what the world told me about myself instead of what He told me through my parents, and other people of faith. I accepted the lies of the world that I wasn't good enough. I've lived for so long without self-confidence, and in a state of fear. But when I accepted the reality that I am a masterpiece of Father God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth (and so are you!), and I accepted the reality that my confidence is in Christ alone and not in this world, I began to feel free of fear and felt a new wave of confidence come over me. I can see it in the way I interact with others, and in the way I lead worship. 
It's an amazing feeling to know that you are loved by the God of Heaven and Earth, and that he longs for you, and has so many great things in store for you. He just wants us to let Him love on us, and to take us where He wants to take us. He is a Mighty King, but he's also a loving Father. We are not servants, but children of the one true God. That's a reality I'm finally beginning to accept, and I love it!
Please leave some comments, or questions (if you have any). I'd love to discuss this further. I hope you are all well!


P.S. Here's the Ranch:


Joni Dodd said...

hey! Its so great to hear you're doing so well! :) God has been doing some major breaking down inside of me as well... its been a tough year... I'll be praying for you! I miss your face! :)

shley said...

OH MAN! that is so awesome!
I can't wait till i can get out there!!! I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store!!!

Claire Breiding said...

Hey Willis! I loved reading about what the Lord is doing in you. He has been doing much of the same in me! It is a fun, crazy journey to freedom in Him! I am glad you guys are doing well out there. Wish I could come visit. I'll just have to come see you guys in LA at the end of the summer! Many blessings and I can't wait to hear more!