Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Really, America?

Kris Allen over Danny Gokey in the American Idol finale? You got to be kidding me. Since when did 14-year-old girls' love for cute boys (married or not) trump pure talent? I definitely think Kris is talented, but, as one of my good friends said, we already have a Jason Mraz (and others like him). Danny's sound is so...Danny, and good. Not to mention, whenever he sings, you can just feel the passion and the soul behind it. Anyway, American has voted, and once again proven that we are lame. I look forward to hearing Danny's album when it comes out because you know it's coming.

Wow. I just blogged about American Idol. Never thought that would happen.



superwoman_4002 said...

haha... i haven't even watched one episode of american idol this season... i've got WAY to much to do!! I hope everything is going well for you in Cali! :)

Andrew "Willis" Peters said...

i kind of wish i had too much to do to watch shows every week, but then again, once i get to that point, i'm sure i'll wish i could watch shows. lol