Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Is True Beauty?

Note: I am writing strictly from a guy's perspective here.

I find myself asking this question quite often actually. Every time I hear one of my guy friends, or even myself, say something along the lines of, "She's got a cute face, but she her body...not so much" (or vice versa), I actually feel a bit of disgust. Our culture is so nitpicky about people's looks. Who says a girl isn't beautiful if she's not fit, or her boobs are big enough, or her butt isn't nice enough, etc.? Well, the truth is, most guys do. And we may not all truly feel that way about it, but we allow ourselves to slip into that mindset. I know I do. And, as I said, I feel disgusted by it. So, I want to know: What is true beauty? How do we define it? 

The typical Christian answer would be: "See them as God sees them?" Alright, then, how do I do that? It's easier than it sounds, people. Also: "Beauty is on the inside." True, but I can like a girl's personality all I want, but if I don't find her attractive otherwise, how does that work? I mean, I'd like to think that I would view my future spouse as a very beautiful woman (inside AND out). 
Anyway, I really don't think there's an actual answer for all this. I will say this (and it goes for both guys and girls): there's nothing wrong with thinking that one person is more attractive than the other. I'm not saying we shouldn't voice our opinion amongst our friends, but I just don't like getting the sense that a guy would write a girl off (or vice versa) as not worth his/her time because he/she isn't attractive enough. I've just noticed that in L.A. it's all about appearance, and I get tired of hearing, and saying, the aforementioned quotes. I think the female gender, as a whole, is beautiful because they were created as such. Now, whether I, personally find a any specific girl attractive or not is different...or is it? I really don't know what to think. I just want to hear other people's thoughts because I'm quite frustrated over it at the moment.

To all the girls reading this, you are beautiful, and I say that genuinely. To all the guys reading this, please keep me accountable in how I talk about women.

Give your thoughts now!


superwoman_4002 said...

Hey Andy... thanks for telling me i'm beautiful! ;) How are you? How's LA? Life here is hectic crazy busy and stressful!! Seems like i never get a break! lol... well just thought i'd say hey! :D Have a wonderful day!!

Andrew "Willis" Peters said...

i'm doing wonderful! LA's great, but i'm ready for a retreat, and i'm going to get just that when I go to the JH Ranch this summer to work for 12 weeks (it's the camp i've worked at the past few summers). I'm so pumped for it. I hope you get a break soon. God bless!