Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rain, tennis, and swollen ankles...

That pretty much sums up the past 3 days. It didn't rain today however. It was actually a nice day. Hot in the sun, but a nice day still. It wasn't real humid, and we could actually see some blue in the sky. The past three days have been shooting tennis matches. The first day got rained out in the late afternoon which gave us enough time to make it to the USA vs. China basketball game which was sweet. The venue was packed. Yesterday was a full day of tennis. We worked around 15-16 hours. My crew was the last to leave around 1:00am and we only left then because the it started pouring on us. The match wasn't over yet. Today was another 15 hour day of tennis. It's like midnight here and i'm just getting ready to leave the IBC. Gaynor and I have a call time of 7:45am tomorrow for a full day of table tennis. We were the last two crews to leave tennis tonight, and we'll be the first crews to go out tomorrow. Fun stuff. Hank's not happy.

On top of everything...my ankles are swollen from so much standing and walking around. I have cankles! Haha.

Things to note: I saw Rafael Nadal play yesterday, as well as saw the Williams sisters watching another one of their teammates play.

Watching so much tennis has made me want to play really bad.

Sorry my post is kind of disoriented and scattered, but it's late and I'm beat. Hooray for long hours!

Until I post again...

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mckenziecarter said...

Keep on keeping on willis! live it up man!! cant wait to hear about ur trip when u get to asbury in sept. praying for u bro!